Trade Relations


Trade between Kenya and Malaysia is moderate with total trade volume estimated at USD 110 Million. However, there are tremendous opportunities for trade between the two countries.

Kenya’s exports to Malaysia in 2014 included tea, textile articles, tobacco products, vegetables, fruits and nuts while main imports from Malaysia in 2014 included palm oil, petroleum oils, furniture, articles of apparel and clothing accessories, telecommunications equipment, electronic and electrical goods, industrial machineries, steam boilers, and rubber tyres.


Kenya exported goods to Indonesia valued at Ksh 1.25 billion and imported goods valued at Ksh 45.04 billion in 2013.

The main exports included tea and mate; Leather; Metallic salts and peroxysalts; Tobacco; vegetable textile fibres; Essential oils; Jute and other textile bast fibres; Vegetables, fresh, chilled, frozen; Coffee and coffee substitutes

The main imports from Indonesia in 2013 comprised fixed vegetable fats (palm oil); Paper and paperboard; Textile yarn; Animal or vegetable fats and oils; Margarine and shortening; Natural rubber; Electrical machinery; electrical and non-electrical equipment; Glass; Articles of apparel and clothing accessories;


In 2014, Kenya exports to Philippines were valued at Ksh 832.40 Million whereas imports from the Philippines were valued at Kshs 671. 40 Million.

The main exports to Philippines included vegetable textile fibres; Jute and other textile bast fibres; metallic salts and peroxysalts; vegetables, fresh, chilled, frozen; household equipment of base metal; soap, cleansing and polishing preparations; oil seeds and oleaginous fruits; special yarns, special textile fabrics;

The main imports from Philippines in included electric power machinery; Fish; Perfumery, cosmetics or toilet preparations; machinery and equipment specialized for particular industries; Printing and bookbinding machinery; Cereal preparations; automatic data processing machines; telecommunications equipment.