Diaspora Remittances Survey

The Central bank of Kenya (CBK) has rolled out the online Diaspora Remittances Survey (DRS). The survey aims to collect information on remittance inflows to Kenya to guide in policy interventions aimed at removing bottlenecks and mitigating challenges facing Kenyans in the diaspora as they remit funds.

The Diaspora Remittances Survey questionnaire is available here. The survey advert is available on Central bank of Kenya's (CBK) website. The Mission encourages all Kenyans to participate in the survey.

Information shared in the survey will be treated with utmost confidentiality and will only be released in aggregate form. No individual responses will go into the survey report.

Virtual Sensitization Meeting

In addition, the Central Bank of Kenya is organizing a virtual sensitization session on the Diaspora Remittances Survey with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Missions and Diaspora Associations. The virtual session will be held on Thursday 8th April, 2021 at 3:00pm EAT (8:00pm Malaysia & the Philippines time and 7:00pm Indonesia time).

The credentials for the virtual meeting will be shared in due time.

Kenya High Commission-Kuala Lumpur encourages all Kenyans to purpose to attend the meeting.