COVID Guidelines For Travellers To & From Kenya

For Travellers To & From Kenya

The Government of Kenya has updated its Coronavirus travel requirements as follows:

  1. From Monday, January 11, 2021, all travellers entering or departing Kenya must present a digitally-verified negative COVID-19 test.
  2. For Departing Travellers :
        I. All outgoing travellers must obtain a negative COVID-19 certificate in accordance with the Trusted Traveller (TT) Initiative and the PanaBios System.
        II. Travellers intending to depart Kenya must first visit an authorized PCR COVID-19 testing laboratory where if a negative result is obtained, a Trusted Traveller (TT) code that can be verified by airlines and immigration authorities will be issued.
        III. To generate the TT code, travellers will receive a text message (SMS) from PanaBios as well as an email from the testing laboratory and/or from with a link to generate the Travel Code on the portal.
  3. For Arriving Travellers :
        I. Inbound passengers are also, required to produce a negative COVID-19 test using the new Trusted Traveller (TT) electronic verification system.
        II. Travellers from countries that are not yet on board in using the Trusted Travel Initiative are advised to use the Global Haven Partnership website to generate a travel stamp.
        III. Travellers are also required to submit their Travelers Health Surveillance form online through jitenge platform prior to disembarking. Travellers can download the jitenge app on Google Play Store or access the forms online by typing “Jitenge MOH” on any browser; or through this link and complete the online registration form.

        Upon registration into the platform, the traveller will be issued with a QR Code that should be presented at the health desk upon arrival into the country and are expected to self-monitor for fourteen (14) days while in Kenya.

  4. A simplified version on how to obtain the TT code is available here


Kenya High Commission, Kuala Lumpur

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