Former Foreign Affairs CS Amb. Amina C. Mohamed EGH, CAV Gives keynote speech at the Tokyo business Forum-Africa

On March 11, 2016 , Cabinet Secretary for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Amb. Amina C. Mohamed EGH, CAV gave a keynote address at the the Oxford Business Forum-Africa hosted jointly by Saïd Business School and the Oxford Business Network for Africa At the University Of Oxford accompanied.

The theme of this year’s forum was centred on the African proverb ‘until the lion learns how to write, every story will glorify the hunter’, debates and discussion around the idea that that not until africa takes control of its own design will it ever break through and reignite growth for the next phase of its progress.

In her keynote address the Cabinet Secretary began her address by noting of the significance of the theme in the age of digital revolution when barriers to information and communication have been reduced significantly; levelling the playing and writing fields dramatically. Adding that today Africans are working hard to tell the African story. The narrative of darkness no longer stands unchallenged.

She highlighted that Africa’s common agenda is stronger than it has ever been. We recognize that to position Africa as a key player on the international arena, and added that there was need todeepen our own integration within the continent while strengthening cooperation with other parts of the world. we are working towards creating a Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) that will enhance Africa’s attractiveness to investors and also help improve the level of intra-African trade.

The Cabinet Secretary noted that this generation of Africans is the most educated that the continent has ever had and that education is moving towards an education system that focuses more on competences, students’ talents and the needs of the country. It is increasingly positioning Africa as an emerging frontier of innovation. In Kenya, for example, we have pioneered innovative technologies that are enhancing productivity and transforming the way we transact business.

Concluding that the task for our governments is to ensure that this passion is supplemented by affordable and accessible financing, skills development, and training and unrestricted and free movement across the continent. She encouraged the delegates to be patriotic about their countries and think about what they intend to do after their studies.

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