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Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic ties between the two countries began in July 1979, and in April 1982 Indonesia opened an Embassy in Nairobi. Kenyan High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is accredited to Indonesia and In April, 2015 the Government of Kenya appointed Mr. Bilal Asif as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Kenya to Indonesia.

Diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Kenya have proceeded outstandingly on bilateral as well as on regional or multilateral basis. As a fellow developing country and member of the Non-Aligned Movement, ties have been strengthened by increasing partnership between the countries’ officials, lawmakers, business, NGO activists, journalists and among people to people linkages.

Also, bilateral relations between the two countries have been enhanced through mutual support in various international fora and exchange of official visits between the governments.

High Level Visits

The two countries have also exchanged high level visits among them:

  • The visit to Kenya by Indonesian Minister of Trade, Thomas Trikasih Lembong, during the 10th World Trade Organization (WTO) Ministerial Conference held in Nairobi from from 15 to 19 December 2015.
  • Visit to Indonesia by Dr. (Eng.) Karanja Kibicho, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Trade, during the 15th Indian Ocean Rim Association of the Council of Ministers Meeting held in Padang, Indonesia from 20-23 October, 2015.
  • Visit to Indonesia by Prof. Judi Wakhungu, Cabinet Secretary for Environment during the Asia-Africa Summit 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia, 19-25 April 2015.
  • Visit to Indonesia by Amb. Amina C. Mohamed, CBS, CAV, Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs &  International Trade during the 9th  WTO Ministerial conference held in Bali, Indonesia from 3 to 7 December, 2013.
  • Visit to Kenya by the Minister for Foreign Affair of Indonesia in 20th June 2008
  • Visit to Indonesia by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Kenya on 2-4 December, 2008 for a Ministerial meeting to discuss Joint Commission for Cooperation.

Bilateral Agreements

Both countries have signed various bilateral agreements for cooperation in various fields, notable among them:

  • Agreement on Economic, Scientific, Technical and Cultural Cooperation signed in Nairobi on 2nd September,1992 
  • MOU on establishment of Joint Commission signed on 19th June, 2008
  • Signed Agreed Minutes for Joint Commission for Cooperation signed on 3rd December, 2008
  • Bilateral Air Services Agreement signed in 2007
  • MOU on Fisheries Cooperation signed in 2009